Judas (2020 / 2024)

Monologue by Lot Vekemans
Premiere Theater der Altmark / Marienkirche Stendal (September 2020)
Premiere Badische Landesbühne / Lutherkirche Bruchsal (February 2024)

Wolf E. Rahlfs

Stage / Costumes
Sofia Mazzoni


The Volksstimme sums up the premiere in Stendal’s St. Mary’s Church thus: “The season opening in Stendal was a full success: Alice Katharina Schmidt delights the audience on an unconventional stage. (…) Her acting is multi-faceted, convincing with gentle and forceful tones. (…) The audience hangs on her every word."

The revival of the production at Lutherkriche Bruchsal is being reviewed by the Bruchsaler Rundschau as such: “Director Wolf E. Rahlfs presents a very human Judas. Nothing seems aloof or exaggerated. Alice Katharina Schmidt embraces the audience both with stirring and gentle gestures."

Photos (c) Theater der Altmark / Nilz Böhme
Photos (c) Badische Landesbühne / Sonja Ramm